| Environment

Evaluation gas emissions related to the greenhouse effect is nowadays aburning issue for governments' environment strategy. Deploying large number of sensors to measure CO, CO2 and other pollutants is already at the prototyping stage in certain cities.

The IOT network could enable cities to accurately determine the emission sources, and to create a new system for monitoring and predicting the emissions. This tool could be essential within smart cities agenda to firmly engage in the reduction of their emissions

In parallel, people who feel more concerned about this issue can equip their houses with IOTs in order to produce their own information and make it available for the benefit of all. On the other hand, we can easiliy find open source plans of sensorsreleased in specialized research facilities so that users can create their own measurement devices.

The American academics are already very active on the subject of production and on the collecting of flows. With WAVES plateform, the merger of data flows (both private and public) would allow to estimate the carbon emissions, detect pollutants, etc.

Users are the engineering services of the cities, citizens, the health services. Social impacts are : Sustainable development and environment care.