Multipurpose Plateform

Main Use Case: WAVES for Smart Water Network Management

Awareness of water as a finite resource, as well as the social evolution, impose the exploration of new solutions to reduce water losses throughout the production chain from natural resources to end consumers. Today's water management has a large impact over the global economic structure, notably whew considering that 90% of real losses are caused by invisible leaks. A robust water management system should be able to detect network anoamlies in real-time and emit alerts to supervision teams.

Based on the recent developments of the Big Data ecosystem technologies, WAVES project provides water management solutions through real-time pllatform to achieve an advanced level of comprehensive awareness. WAVES distributed architecture exploits together the semantic real-time flows with Big Data analytics, and provides powerful reasoning capabilities to ensure accurate and robust anomaly detection. The introduction of Semantic Web technologies is in particular useful to increase interoperability and to to derive additional knowledge for reasoning enhancement. Indeed, the correlation of information coming from several heterogeneous data stream sources (water sensors, social networks, weather conditions…) together with static data (geographical data, festival calendar) is valuable to infer new knowledge. For example, what appears to be anomalous during a day or a year in a water sensor network may be found to be false positives when introducing new context such as time of day (e.g. night) or specific events (e.g. holidays).

Other Use Cases


The data streams related to the employment and training fields are mainly made up of ads, private employment data stored by companies and state related data. The size and the complexity of these contents keeps growing over the time. However, do job-seekers really benefit from these data flows?


Sylviculture and wood-paper sector must cope with difficulties. In Aquitaine, first wooded region of Western Europe and first cultivated forest in France, 44% of the territory is covered by the solid mass forester. If the effects of the 1999 storm were reabsorbed, harvests and sawmills have decreased significantly.


Mobility ecosystem (OS, developers, operators…) witnesses a growing globalization. In the health care field, the impacts are considerable. Improvement of service quality, reactivity and comfort of the care are the keys of the next developments. These concepts are acknowledged today as "M-Health".


Gas emissions evaluation related to the greenhouse effect becomes a vital element for governements' public health policy. Deployment of large number of sensors (at moderate cost) measuring CO, CO2 and other pollutants is already at the prototyping stage in some cities. This network of IOTs should enable...