| Health Care Mobility

The sources conveying information of healthare rapidly increasing. Some are ludic, like the devices used by sportsmen to follow their performances. Other sources can be very sensitive and confidential within a medical establishment.

During medical visits, doctors could consult data from various sources related to their patients' health. In the same way that one witnesses a rise of self medication, there is also a trend of self-diagnosis. This is made possible by innovative mobile applications as well as open data from the internet.

While enabling the consolidation of various information flows, WAVES plateform could create a new approach for doctors. Instead of prescribing often expensive examinations, professionals would recommend the use of auxiliary objects to produce uninterrupted diagnosis information.

Some critical questions must be answered before entering this field. For instance, Which are the services that bring a real added-value in terms of health care? How does a mobile device change mentalities with respect to therapeutic education? What are the current economic models and those that emerge?

Users are the general public and the health workforces. The social impacts are: Reducing the cost fo diagnosis impacting positively the Social security.