| Prescriptions' Follow-up

Let's take an example, if a patient is prescribed -over the same period - a drug containing paracetamol cumulating more than 4 grams per day, WAVES plateform could detect this situation and then alarm the patients and the doctors on the incurred risks.

The data sources mobilized here are the prescription flows and the referential data on drugs. One can imagine that other data sources can complete the first set and make it possible for patients to declare the drugs taken within a time period.

Indeed, access to medical information is provided through Internet, many sites deliver advices, specialized social networks connect patients, and sometimes some dispensaries can sell specific drugs that are not marketed in France. A recent study carried out on 5000 prescriptions showed that 7.2% of the prescriptions generate dangerous drug interaction .

The risks of self medication cannot be discarded. Today we dot not have the means to know the average costs of a bad self medication, nor their number. WAVES plateform could help in this case to check the safety of prescriptions and to make sure that they really come from health professionals. This security requires a deep expertise that can be achieved through WAVES reasoning capabilities.

The nex possibilities of stream summaries will facilitate a step-by-step approach: First we analyze the summaries then, if needed, we can have a deeper insight by zooming into a specific case.

Social impacts are : Insure prescription regulation, reduce Social Security costs.